• Eng. Sami Afaneh – General Manager (As the company’s founder and general manager, Sami has been responsible for developing the company’s mission, culture and values. His experience and involvement with big projects have allowed him to bring innovative ideas and management approaches to Violet. Sami current responsibilities include strategic planning, technical management and personnel development.)

  • ‏Eng. DalalZamel – Administration & Financial Manager.

  • Mrs . Noor bekawi – Chief Accountant.

  • Eng. Emad sokkar – ‏Executive Manager.

  • Eng. Husni AL -Masri-Site Manger.

  • Eng .Sara Najar -Procurment Manger.

  • Eng .Ali bedwan – Electrical Engineer.

  • Eng . Ahmad jdo – Mechanical Engineer.

Table of projects skilled personnel

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