VIOLET is company built from a strong set of values and a genuine dedication to providing the highest quality of Design, Construction, Decoration, electromechanical works, General services.

Our vision:

Promises made (and promises broken) by other contractors, we aim to turn customers to VIOLET and the appearance of our facility changed virtually overnight.

VIOLET not only commits to making a difference, they deliver. The response of the management and dedicated staff  no doubt sets them apart from the perfection.

VIOLET has worked within the client budgetary constraints, offering creative cost reduction solutions without negatively impacting our community.

Our community has benefited from making the change to Violet.

Our Policy:

VIOLET specialize in high-quality, technically challenging and large-scale commercial Design, Construction,  Decoration, electromechanical works & General services. As either one of the best Contractors or as part of a construction team, Violet has the resources to provide high-quality outputs concept to completion. Over the years, we have formed alliances with many specialty trades that allow us to perform a wide spectrum of services.

VIOLET professionals have a distinguished history of providing award-winning Design, Construction, & Decoration & general services(house keeping) indoor & outdoor . This is accomplished through hard work, attention to detail, employee training and continuous improvement in field efficiencies. Because it is ultimately the customer who judges whether a project is successful, every effort is made to work in partnership with property owners and managers to ensure that their vision is carried out in practice.

Each project’s team and crew persons is led by an on-site Engineer, who is fully qualified to perform and oversee any engineering or management service needed on a project. In addition to being accountable for the development of each project, these Engineers are also responsible for customer communication and satisfaction, as well as the training and morale of their crew.

The practice of accountability with all members of our Contracts management team  result in quick responses to client requests and high-quality services that can  increase the value of your project investment.

Our Standards:

While it is important to “watch the pennies”, often a penny saved here or there can cost you dollars in the long run. This is often true in our services.

On the upside, there are ways to create long-term gains and actually cut expenses without cutting quality.

To find out where to best value-engineer, talk to our professionals involved in developing or maintaining of our Projects.

These experts include architects, civil Engineers, Electromechanical Engineers, Property managers, Owners and general contractors-all of who play a distinct role in this process.

Both management and experience have dozens of areas in which your project Goals can be well done.


Our team is managed by a core of professional individuals who are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent service and support offering a multidisciplinary greens service we offer.


The key to the success of Violet is the staff that has a passion to achieve client goals and satisfaction, are professional in their fields and are dedicated to providing the client with peace of mind. Knowing that their project will be completed timorously and beyond their expectation. Developed IT solutions, state of the art production processes, skilled manpower, creative marketing strategies, equipments, tools and excellent post sales-support make Violet a natural choice.

Currently, the company operates its business from two different locations namely:

  • Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
  • Palestine


Corporate financial information can be made available upon request. our company’s main bank is The National Bank, Bank of  Palestine, Jordan Dubai Islamic bank ,Al-Etihad Bank.

Quality control program:

Our Quality Control program provides a workflow solution to spot and Follow-up on projects quality problems. Trends in quality are documented through easy to read tables and charts making management easier.

We are fully committed to achieve the balance and harmonious beauty of nature. We provide our customers with suit their requirements and enhance and beatify their surroundings.

Violet offers different types of services. No matter what the project requires, our comprehensive product lines deliver the solutions you need for successful project completion and ease of maintenance.

It’s Our Pleasure To Serve You

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